Advanced & In-Depth Product Management

  • Install and uninstall your products in one place
  • Work in 'online' or 'offline' modes
  • View available downloads and updates
  • Manage products from separate accounts
  • Set up multiple or custom installation paths

How Daz Install Manager Works

1. Login Pop-up

  • Once the application is open, log in using your Daz account and Password.
  • This pop-up gives you options for working online or offline, as well as selecting and logging in with another account.
  • If you only have a single account or don't consider yourself an advanced user, try DazCentral for a 'Click and Go' experience.

2. Ready to Download Tab

  • Daz Products/3D Assets will appear in this tab after purchase. Select the items that you wish to download. Those items will automatically move to the 'Install Tab' and start the installation process.
  • This function is available for the advanced user who wants to use packages, locations, install filters and more.
  • Beginners or those new to Studio should use DazCentral for a simplified Download process.

3. Ready to Install Tab

  • The Ready to Install Tab houses existing files that have not yet been installed, as well as those that did not auto-install. This Tab allows you install items manually, if you wish to do so.
  • You can also select packages to install for more advanced installation, and view files inside said packages.
  • If 'viewing packages' and 'install types' doesn't sound like you, check out DazCentral. It’s simple and easy!s

4. Installed Tab

  • Finally in this tab you will see all of your products for your account that are installed and ready to go. Here you can Uninstall them also.
  • For a simpler experience check out DazCentral. Install, Uninstall, Open and update your files all in one location.

Question about DIM?

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