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Unreal File Formats are available for purchase and automatic download. Use amazing 3D content and create where you’re comfortable.

Daz to Unreal Updates

Mac support
Hair shader and transparency fixes
Automatic Normal Map Generation from Bump Maps

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Unreal File Formats are available for purchase and automatic download.
Use amazing 3D content and create where you’re comfortable.

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    The Daz to Unreal Bridge


    • Mac support
    • Hair shader and transparency fixes
    • Automatic Normal Map Generation from Bump Maps

    • 1. Install the Unreal Bridge.
    • 2. During installation, the Daz Install Manager will ask you for the folder path to where Unreal 4.27 is installed
    • 3. Manual Installation: If you are using another version of Unreal Engine or if you are on MacOS, then you will have to download and install those files manually. The latest files for supported versions of Unreal Engine can be found at https://github.com/daz3d/DazToUnreal/releases. Select one of the UE****.zip files to download, depending on your version of Unreal and whether you are using macOS. Unzip the contents into a temporary folder. You should have a folder named "DazToUnreal" in the zip file. Then find the folder for your version of Unreal Engine; on Windows, this is usually "C:\Program Files\Epic Games\UE_X.XX", where the X.XX is your version of Unreal. Open that folder and navigate to "\UE_X.XX\Engine\Plugins". Copy the "DazToUnreal" folder to the Plugins folder. You should now have the following file and folders in "\UE_X.XX\Engine\Plugins\DazToUnreal\": DazToUnreal.uplugin, Binaries, Content, Resources, Source.
    • 4. Open your character in Daz Studio.
    • 5. At the same time, have your Unreal project open for an automated process.
    • 6. Make sure any clothing or hair is parented to the main body.
    • 7. From the main menu, select File > Send to > Daz to Unreal.
    • 8. A dialog will pop up; choose the desired name for the destination folder inside the Unreal Contents Folder, and choose what type of conversion you wish to do: “Static Mesh” (no skeleton), “Skeletal Mesh” (character or with joints), “Animation” (character must already be transferred), or "Environment".
    • 9. Choose which morphs you wish to transfer.
    • 10. Leave the port as default if you want the file to automatically import in Unreal.
    • 11. Once you press accept, the file will transfer over in Unreal. If this does not happen automatically in the bottom left, press import and locate the file where you exported to with the extension .dtu Starting an Import Manually.
    • 12. After that, you’re done and your character is ready for your game!

    • A Bridge is a cross-platform port that converts 3D Assets — in this case, amazing Daz content — and brings it to another software, complete with rigging, textures, and other Studio modifications.

    • Genesis 8, 8.1, and 3 content work with the Daz to Unreal Bridge.

    • The Daz to Unreal Bridge works with Unreal versions 4.25, 4.26, 4.27, and 5.0.

    • Strand-based hair will have difficulty transferring
    • Michael and Victoria 4 content and Genesis 1 content are not guaranteed to transfer to Unreal using the bridge. Some Genesis 2 Content may transfer, but the success of the transfer (including rigging, textures, etc.) will vary item by item.
    • Some texture formats are not natively supported, so follow these steps to fix it: http://davidvodhanel.com/daz-to-unreal-error-importing-texture/
    • Not all morphs will transfer correctly and may cause issues when retargeting animation, but you can test it out and see which morphs will come over.